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Alliance Building

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A L L I A N C E   B U I L D I N G

What is an "Alliance"?
It's all about combo's... combinations of

  • relationships
  • people
  • skills
  • ideas
  • resources

How do we get started on establishing an Alliance?
Address these three questions:  Who am I?...Who are you?....How can we help each other? Think about what you can do or how you can help your teammates and colleagues to "get the job done". List the 3 best, most valuable skills you have that can make a difference. Set up small group discussions to talk about your skills. Identify at least one other teammate and colleague who can use your skills. Start a dialog with at least one other person (maybe two?) using the best of what you know to help them achieve their goals. Share ideas about programs, procedures, and things that have and have not worked well so that other's can re-use your "lessons learned".

What should I expect if I'm a member of an "Alliance"?
Connections with and to other's who can help you. The feeling of responsibility and accountability increases because others become dependent on you to meet their goals—this is interdependence. An increase of opportunities and endless possibilities. A larger awareness of needs. The satisfaction of continuous learning through others. The excitement of having more "tools" in your toolbox...more resources at hand.  Your capabilities and opportunities get bigger. 

How can Alliances help our customers?
The solutions and answers to their needs get even better than they are today. They will see a company and a diverse team that is rich and deep and full of smart people ready to assist them in wide ranging areas.  They can capitalize on a large network of resources that are available to them anywhere, anytime, anyplace. They can have access to the best-of-the-best.

How can Alliances help your company
Your company must maintain customer loyalty and confidence by doing what it does best AND by innovating new ways to meet evolving customer needs. Managing growth requires that you wisely pool  resources and at the same time prepare and empower new staff to work in a more complex future. You will be able to do this more productively if you build collaborative relationships in and out of our organization that bring people together with different skills, experience, and knowledge to provide solutions and answers.  The key is to combine these energies at the right time, the right place and on the right issues and needs.

How can Alliances help me?
Resources are key to the success of your alliance strategy. Think about it, your skills and knowledge are even more powerful and valuable the more they are known and fully utilized. Your personal and professional opportunities for growth, economic gain, and satisfaction are multiplied when they are freely leveraged.

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