We're excited about the great results we achieve with our interactive training approaches, development activities, and team formation strategies.

The statistics below are taken directly from customer evaluations:

Target Audience: Mid-Management Training
Topic: Diversity Strategy, Workplace Conduct


  • 70% of participants stated that their understanding about diversity increased as a result of the training they received from SynTactSolutions, Inc.
  • 75% of participants agreed that their company needed to define and implement a plan to zero in on handling "people issues" related to diversity.

Best part of the training:

  • Defining important aspects of what we want "our" company to be; what should the long term development be?
  • Talking openly with co-workers.

Target Audience: Executives
Diversity Strategy, Workplace Conduct


  • 100% of the participants stated that their understanding about diversity increased as a result of training received from SynTactSolutions, Inc.

The most helpful part of the training:

  • Interaction and discussion with peers during the training session.
  • The concrete examples of situations that could be considered "discriminatory"

Top things the Exec's cited they needed to do:

  • Make a stronger effort to advance women and minorities into key decision making positions.
  • Create better communication.
  • Be more global in our game plan for success in business and diversity strategies.

Target Audience: Peer-To-Peer Financial Service Advisors
Alliance Development


  • 100% of the participants stated the training and development sessions were helpful.
  • 100% of the participants stated that as a result of the training, that they and their peers could move forward to begin teaming with improved confidence.

Participants cited the following Developmental needs:

  • Learning how to establish priorities
  • Improving the process of decision making
  • Leaning how to share team resources
  • Delegating responsibility

Further skills needed:

  • Being able to think strategically to see the "big picture"
  • Self awareness

Most helpful part of the training:

  • The shaping of ideas and the instructors ability to show the team how alliance development methods and steps are useful in our teambuilding.

Target Audience: General employees
Diversity/Comprehensive across the company


  • 88% of the participants stated that the training focused on issues that were relevant to them and their department.
  • 75% of participants stated that the explanation of what workforce diversity means was extremely helpful to them.

Most helpful part of the training:

  • Use of the "sociodrama ".  How it helped?
    • it was realistic
    • helped me visualize the effects of diversity issues.
    • I could "see" how subtle comments can effect the outcome of a project
    • Served as a good vehicle to initiate discussion and bring up issues anonymously.

Feedback from the Vice President of Human Resources of a global manufacturing company that had used SynTactSolutions, Inc. to delivery Business development, Diversity, and Worplace Conduct Training:

"We made a major investment in putting more than 250 employees through comprehensive training on these very important matters. We weren't sure how seriously our employees would take their responsibility to advocate for diversity and respectful behavior at the workplace."

"Recently, and not long after the training, we had an incident whereby a line employee transmitted an e-mail message including derogatory racial and sexual statements. Our employees picked up on it immediately and initiated proper problem solving procedures as they had learned from the training and as outlined in our company policies."

The situation was addressed and solved immediately to everyone's satisfaction. We have our employees to thank for that and know that the investment we made in the SynTactSolutions Training has already paid off for us."

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