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SynTact Solutions is a professional group of practitioners who specialize in organization development. Our Associates can assist you in creating the most responsive organization to meet your business challenges. We bring knowing experience and practical solutions that will help your business compete.

Who are we?
A diverse, high performance team of professionals who specialize in

  • Enterprise Redesign
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Diversity
  • Competency Models

We know that finding common ground among people, ideas, and needs is essential. We place a high value on what diverse people know, what they can do, and how they can continuously gain new knowledge.

What do we do?
We zero in on helping you evolve into a more responsive organizational structure so that your business quickly responds to customer's rapidly changing needs. Employees, managers and leaders may need to find new ways to work amongst themselves, with customers, vendors, and business partners. We help assess your organization's knowledge and skill capacity and determine how to leverage the competencies you have while acquiring new and necessary knowledge of the future. We provide assessments, plans, education and tools.

How do we do it?
We establish a working relationship that first puts us on common ground with your business and where you are now. Leading and managing change is a delicate balancing act that pivots on how you read and connect market opportunities with lining up talent and resources in your organization. We will complete an effective assessment of your current situation, where you need to go, and how soon you need to get there. We'll aid you in designing a workable plan that allows you to move towards a new way of working and we'll stay with you until the desired changes in your organization are achieved.

Who gets involved?
The leaders, managers and employees in your organization need to be involved as you consider, plan for, and manage growth. We know that in customer focused, market-driven organizations, employees at every level of the organization need to be involved and working in efficient teams.

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