How do you keep track of the wealth of skills, competencies, hidden talents, and resources already present in your organization?


SkillSolutions™ is an innovative web based resource allocation software tool that tracks employee skills, training, experience, availability and interest. It helps organizations link their employees to their business strategy and customer needs.

SkillSolutions™ is easy to use and delivers the ability to...

  • Assess and utilize the diverse skill sets of employees based on emerging business needs
  • Maximize the full knowledge base of employees and work groups
  • Determine resources needed or available
       for assignments

What exactly is SkillSolutions™?

SkillSolutions™ is formerly known as SURF (Skill Utilization & Resourse Finder).

OVERVIEW - A brief outline of the SkillSolutions™ Product.

FEATURES - How is data gathered, organized and displayed within the SkillSolutions™ Tool?

IMPLEMENTATION - What is the SkillSolutions™ Process? How are Skill Sets defined? How has SkillSolutions™ been successfully implemented by other companies?

YOUR NEEDS - How can SkillSolutions™ benefit me? Access our On-Line Checklist to determine your needs.

PRODUCT INQUIRY - How can I evaluate SkillSolutions™? What are the system requirements needed to run SkillSolutions™?

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