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Marcia Potter, President and CEO

M A R C I A   P O T T E R
President and CEO

From my position as CEO
of a global corporation, I understand how critical it is for men and women all over the world, of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, to learn to work together harmoniously. It appears to me that the pace of life, both at work and at home, keeps accelerating faster and faster.

Surely, our technological advances are contributing to these feelings, since we are able to transcend time and space with just a few keyboard strokes. However, we can take advantage of this technology and learn to work together more successfully through interactions and communication
via the internet.

As you read through our website, you will see how the staff at SynTact Solutions, Inc. can deliver innovative strategies for your business needs and professional goals. Please
contact us regarding your objectives. Share with us the visions you have and the obstacles you face and let us respond with all of the best we have to offer.

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