SkillSolutions™ provides...

PRODUCT / EVENT PLANNING - Utilize established methods to determine the most valuable resources for your project or event.

  • Projects - build and edit teams, determine mission statement, deliverables, team schedules, plan events and meetings.
  • Resources - list project teams, current and upcoming resources available.

SEARCH CAPABILITIES - View comprehensive and dynamic information in simple, easy-to-use formats regarding:

  • Employees
  • Skills
  • Team Memberships
  • Training and Certifications
  • Administration

SkillSolutions™ is an innovative web based resource allocation software tool that tracks employee skills, training, experience, availability and interest. It helps organizations link their employees to their business strategy and their customer needs.

SkillSolutions™ provides a base of information across the organization. It will allow you to quickly scan for and find needed resources that can capture and respond to customer requirements and business opportunities as they emerge. Determine areas of employees' greatest experience and development needs.

Determine areas of employees' greatest experience and development needs.

Maximize the full knowledge capacity in work groups.

Identify new resources for coaching.

Value and utilize employees with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Analyze technical and behavioral skills based on emerging business needs.

Identify resources needed or available for assignments.

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