How does SkillSolutions™ Work?

What is the SkillSolutions™ Process?

SkillSolutions™ is a Process linked to a Tool.
The Process includes: Communication, Implementation, Training, and Follow-up.

Our Experienced Consultants and Trainers Help You and Your Organization Through Every Step of the Process.

SkillSolutions™ Implications...

  • Resource Data Repository
  • Growing Talent
  • Gap Analysis
  • Tactical Staffing
  • Virtual People Management
  • Competency Development
  • Team Formation
  • Culture Change
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Re-Engineering
  • Quality - ISO 9000
  • Utilization of Skill Capacity

How are Skill Sets defined?

SkillSolutions™ identifies areas of:

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Exposure and Practice
  • Levels of Interest

We work with you to help you develop an information flow of skills, on multiple levels, that meets the needs of your organization

  • Level 1 - Competency Domains
  • Level 2 - Functional Skill Categories
  • Level 3 - Skills within Categories

Once SkillSolutions™ is installed, you can then modify the skill set as your organization continues to plan its resources for the future.

Sample Skill Categories May Include...

  • Business
  • Technical
  • Organizational
  • Management
  • Other

How Quickly can the Tool be Implemented?

Contact SynTactSolutions for details.

How Do I Access SkillSolutions™?

The SkillSolutions tool is available as a local Client / Server application as well as an On-line (accessed via the Internet) program. Contact SynTactSolutions for more details.

What Support Services are Available with SkillSolutions™?

Contact SynTactSolutions for details.

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